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“The Family Wealth Sustainability Toolkit is a valuable tool for families. In the manual, Herz Brown and Lotery provide insights and real world examples around the distinct areas enterprising families may focus on to achieve sustainability. What is special about this work is that there is direct application; a family can not only read about suggested activities for sustainability but can complete the online assessment which results in a roadmap to prioritize and engage in the practices most important to them.   This a great guide for families engaged in the journey of sustaining family wealth for future generations.”
— Mel Lagomasino, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner, WE Family Offices

“This book very much reflects the seasoned wisdom of its authors. Fredda Herz and Fran Lotery are hands-down among the most experienced practitioners in our field. Their framing of family enterprise continuity in terms of sustainability and their deconstruction of the key ingredients that account for it, will undoubtedly advance both our collective understanding and our ability to assist families more effectively. The book is full of practical examples, case studies and succinct advice that will be compelling and useful to many enterprising families.”
— Ivan Lansberg, Ph.D., Co-founder and Senior Partner, Lansberg Gersick and Associates; Adjunct Professor & Co-Director Family Enterprise Programs, Kellogg School of Management

“The way Fredda and Fran have distilled decades of wisdom and experience into the user-friendly manual and the companion online tool is truly impressive. The four core dimensions of wealth sustainability are introduced in practical, actionable terms.  Finally, families now have an interactive, modern way to communicate, map out and assess their journey to wealth sustainability.”
— Kathryn M. McCarthy, Director, Rockefeller Trust Company, NA and independent advisor to Families and Family Offices

“Fredda Herz Brown and Fran Lotery have been pioneers in the family governance space and this book is evidence of their continued leadership. Together the book and complimentary online tool, raise important questions for multigenerational families to consider about legacy, values and decision making; most importantly, how to maximize the inclusion of next generation family members for the benefit of the family and the sustainability of their enterprises.”
— Sharna Goldseker, Managing Director, 21/64,

“In this new work, Fredda Herz Brown and Fran Lotery give financially successfully families the roadmap for sustaining and enhancing their success, well beyond just their wealth.  At once, they define the issues and provide useful and practical solutions that will have immediate impact on a family, as well as provide long term sustainability. By combining their extensive experience and insights with clear examples and tools, the reader receives an abundance of ideas. What a significant contribution to enterprising families.”
— Ellen Miley Perry, Founder and Managing Partner, Wealthbridge Partners

“Fredda Herz-Brown and Fran Lotery, who together have multiple decades of experience in providing excellent counsel to enterprising families, now bring us a new tool of assessment that can help a family to evaluate its potential for sustainability over generations. After you have read their book and used the assessment tool I am sure your family will increase its knowledge of itself and thereby your families’ capacity to achieve its fifth generation in flourishing condition and go on from there.”
—James E. Hughes, Jr., author of Family Wealth, Keeping it in the Family and Family: The Compact Among Generations

“This is an invaluable manual and tool for families that want to be deliberate about understanding, and then acting on, the opportunities and challenges of sustaining their legacies.  The authors’ reflections are honest and grounded in experience.  Most importantly, the toolkit provides insights which empower its users to move forward.”
—Christine K. Galloway, Retired President and CEO at Okabena Company

“The Family Wealth Sustainability Toolkit provides an eminently practical framework for families to understand how to sustain themselves across generations.  Fredda and Fran offer an opportunity for families to see that it’s about more than just money!”
—Andrew Keyt, Clinical Professor in Family Business at Family Business Center at Loyola University Chicago

“The secret among most of America’s successful families is that few have planned for sustainable wealth and lasting family relationships.  This toolkit is the gold-standard for anyone planning for their family’s future.  The families I advise can’t afford not to read it and use it.”
— Eric Kessler, Founder and Senior Managing Director, Arabella Advisors

“Herz Brown and Lotery have created a hands-on, practical book and tool for families who share assets   to help them meet the hurdles that thwart most multi-generational families in their efforts to pursue their definition of longevity and success. The Toolkit will enhance a family’s awareness of their family function, assist them in identifying opportunities, and aid them as they build a strategy for sustainability for generations to come.  The manual not only provides a guide for families to understand sustainability but also a way to make sense of the data they generate.”
— Kirby Rosplock, PhD, Founder/Principal, Tamarind Partners, Inc.

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